The Relationship between Youth and the Economy


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The Relationship between Youth and the Economy
Andrew Beyak in the article, “The Sweet Bird of Youth Is Showing Signs of Age,” states, “In case you haven’t noticed, the term youth is increasingly becoming a euphemism for unemployed and underemployed adults” (1). Comparing this statement with Shari Caudron’s article, “Can Generation Xers Be Trained,” shows the importance of training and how most people do not stay with specific jobs for their lifetime like baby boomers have done in the past. Comparing the two articles will they have similarities in discussing youth and how it is affecting the economy, but there are also some differences between the attitudes of the two authors.
Caudron and Beyak both give similar definitions to the age...
The end:
..... argues his point that training classes are important and not only for the Generation Xers.
Beyak and Caudron both discuss the age group of 20 to 30 years old, but Caudron and Beyak differ in what they feel the fate of these youths have. Generation Xers use training classes to be able to keep the jobs they want or to be able to find other types of employment. Beyak argues that youth or adults are not able to find employment that will meet their needs. Beyak blames others for the problems that the youth have. Personally, both authors have good arguments.
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