The Relationship between Research and Social Change


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The beginning:
The Relationship between Research and Social Change
Week 12 Assignments
My journey through this course has taken two paths. Firstly, I have become increasingly impressed with the potential of quantitative methods to answer substantive questions. Secondly, I have learned to be more conscientious and thorough in planning qualitative research. I will first discuss my advances in these two areas, and then discuss what I consider to be the relationship between research and social change. Finally, I will conclude by discussing next steps in becoming a researcher and scholar-practitioner.
In terms of quantitative methods, I began the course without a proper appreciation of how powerful statistical methods can be in terms of solving a...
The end:
Data should also be relevant to stakeholders, as Phillips and Hodges (2004) argue. Stakeholders are one of the most important audiences for the evaluation, and they deserve an evaluation that addresses the program’s stated goals; thus, aligning the methodology with the logic model also has the benefit of making the evaluation resonate with the stakeholders.
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