The Relationship between Governmentality and the Human Body


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The Relationship between Governmentality and the Human Body
CHAPTER ONE: Introduction
Shilling (2005) has argued that the degree to which the body in society is controlled and regulated has intensified in the last thirty years because of the fact that social structural changes have created new physical identities which can be critically assessed and mitigated, thus highlighting that “power can be exercised on and through bodies” (p. 52). Shilling’s (2005) analysis is linked to the necessity of recognizing where and when the body is situated in relation to technology, gender, age, and status norms, as well as to the interference of government, because of the fact that personal physical ideals and ideologies have become socially relevant on...
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.....ry inhibited by wearing glasses, and catching balls and having things thrown at you unexpectedly is quite difficult. You get hit on the face or on the side with glasses, it’s really uncomfortable, it’s horrible.
Others spoke about their concerns that older people are more prone to health conditions such as arthritis and joint injuries. For them, high levels of personalized attention from the instructors were paramount. Helen said:
They start out by asking you what your particular needs are. And that was reassuring being that I’ve got some physical, I don’t want to say disabilities, uh problems. It was good for me to know that I didn’t have to worry about injuring myself. These were people that would be able to provide something good for me.