The Relationship between Food at School and Childhood Obesity


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Due Jun 11, 2011
The Relationship between Food at School and Childhood Obesity
Story, M., Nanney, M.S., Schwartz, M.B. (2009). Schools and obesity prevention: Creating
school environments and policies to promote healthy eating and physical activity. The Milbank Quarterly 87(1): 71-100.
The purpose of the journal article was to examine the relationship between children at school and the food they eat while attending. The authors cite how research shows that the majority of children in the U.S. do not have diets which are up to the standards given by the
government designated Dietary Guidelines. Furthermore, the authors make the case that children do not engage in enough physical activity. Thus,...
The end:
.....f these children being overweight. It seems like a simple solution to eliminate these foods from schools. The need to implement more physical activity at schools is also quite well established by this article.
Diary Entry
This class is going quite well. The topics are fitting in perfectly with my nutrition and education studies, which are of course my foci. I am deeply concerned when I walk down the street and I see children that seem like they are about to topple over because they are so overweight. Now I can see the sociological framework which helps to create such problems in society. Truthfully, I feel more motivated than ever to get out there and contribute to making this world a better place thanks to the topics covered in this class.