The Raven: Important Figure in the Native American Tradition and Culture


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The Raven: Important Figure in the Native American Tradition and Culture
The raven is an important figure in the native American tradition and culture as can be seen from the example of the two stories of the
people. The two stories about the raven also provide a glimpse of the tradition and the way of life of the native American people. In both stories, the raven is a God-like creature that helps, protects and provides for the people. Also, as can be seen from the second story, the raven is a creator, an important part of the creationist myth amongst the aboriginal people.
In the story “How the Raven made the tides” we get a glimpse of the life of the
. For example, as people living by the coast we see that they were...
The end:
.....ust be solved and also the aboriginal communities must be given some form of self-government that will enable them some independence in making economic and other decisions that impact their communities. “Democratic reform must come from within” (Stackhouse, 2001, F8) and the aboriginal communities must be, finally treated as equals within the tapestry of Canadian life.
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