The Purpose of Education


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ENGL 101
25 July 2009
The Purpose of Education
The purpose of education should be singular: the imparting of knowledge to students in the most effective manner possible.  The reality is that this ideal is nowhere near being met. Those “who live far from our major cities and who have no firsthand knowledge of the realities to be found in urban public schools seem to have the rather vague and general impression that the great extremes of racial isolation that were matters of grave national significance some thirty-five or forty years ago have gradually but steadily diminished in more recent years” (Kozol par. 1).  
My experience in the education system in America was...
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.....because divine providence will reach down and bless everyone magically.  Education is the most important facet of society and everyone involved, from students, to teachers, to administrators has to take it all a lot more seriously.  We live in a world beset by crime, pollution, and economic uncertainty.  The planet did not get this way on its own: we have created our cornucopia of problems.  If the youth of today can be taught that they can make a difference, perhaps we have a chance.  Without this critical aspect of education making the difference, I believe we are doomed as a species.
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