The Puppet Theatre in the Film “Double Suicide”


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The beginning:
The Puppet Theatre in the Film "Double Suicide"
The following paper looks at how and why (to what ends and for what effects) the puppet theatre is integrated into the film, Double Suicide. The paper explores the puppets as they exist and how this feature of the film has a profound impact upon the film. In the end, the puppets appear to serve a couple of important purposes: on the one hand, the shrouded stage-hands and their grim impact is heightened by the presence of the lifeless puppets; both the stage hands dressed in black and the puppets appear to represent death and serve a powerful foreshadowing role. Additionally, it may be argued that the puppets represent the young lovers insofar as the young lovers seem to be trapped in a...
The end:
.....uppets play an important role in the film because they show the helplessness of the main characters – trapped as they are by social conventions and expectations and by their own respective stations in the world – and also the looming presence of death; even without knowing the end, we sense that this story will not be a happy one and there is a pall that hangs over everything. The powerful images and sensations conveyed by those limp puppets cannot be underscored because they are the film’s way of showing how trapped so many people –especially young people who know no better – are trapped by societal pressures and conceits.
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