The Proposed Amendments to the United States’ Constitution


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The Proposed Amendments to the United States’ Constitution
This paper will examine two of the proposed amendments to the United States’ Constitution as outlined in Larry Sabato’s book, A More Perfect Constitution. We will examine just how feasible these proposal are, in so much a the chances of them ever actually being ratified as amendments as well as whether or not they are positive solutions to a current problem.
The first proposal we will speak about is Sabato’s first proposal:
“Expand the Senate to 136 members to be more representative: Grant the 10 most populous states 2 additional Senators, the 15 next most populous states 1 additional Senator, and the District of Columbia 1 Senator (Sabato 2007)”
This first proposal could have a...
The end:
.....and it also means that they will now be held to a higher degree of responsibility as they now represent less people. This may be the biggest obstacle to passing these measures.
Reedy, G. E. (1986). The U.S. Senate : paralysis or a search for consensus? New York, Crown.
Sabato, L. (2007). A more perfect constitution : 23 proposals to revitalize our Constitution and make America a fairer country. New York, Walker & Co. : Distributed to the trade by Holtzbrinck Publishers.
Calls for revisions to the Constitution to restore equity for ordinary citizens and offers proposals to reinvigorate the document to incorporate changes to the structure of Congress, the Electoral College, the Supreme Court, and a mandatory national service.