The Proper Role of Technology in Education of the 21st Century


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The Proper Role of Technology in Education of the 21st Century
The 21st century is an age of technological advance. Advances in technology often mean big changes in the ways people see and function in their world. Technology has had an impact on so many things that touch or lives: entertainment, sports, transportation, and communication spring to mind as areas that have been profoundly impacted by technology, especially in the past fifty years. Questions about the change that technological advances bring often center on whether or not those changes actually help. Here are two examples: access to Apple’s iTunes means people may decide to just buy one or two of their favorite songs instead of the whole release, when the artist intended the...
The end:
.....course is to accept that it will have disadvantages that we must manage well so that students can enjoy the tremendous benefits of technology in education. Technology, when used properly, will not hinder learning, but instead be able to lift it to new heights.
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