The Progressive Era and the Changes it Brought


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The beginning:
The Progressive Era and the Changes It Brought
In the Progressive Era (1900-1918), Eleanor Roosevelt talking about this period of time, stated, “In that society you were kind to the poor, you did not neglect your philanthropic duties, you assisted the hospitals and did something for the needy” (“People & Events”). The Progressive Era can be defined as a period of time where social and political reform played an important role in the United States. Political process and women’s rights are two areas that the Progressive Era made a difference in the role of the government and in the rise of citizen advocates.
Women played a vital role in the changes that were made during the Progressive Era that changed the role of the government and...
The end:
.....seen in the different organizations that were formed. The Progressive Era was a time of social and political change for the United States that continues to affect Americans today.
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