The Problems in Interracial Adoption


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The Problems in Interracial Adoption
According to Child Welfare Information Gateway (2009), “On September 30, 2006, there were an estimated 510,000 children in foster care” (par. 1). Many of these children are minorities. Often the decision about adoption of children is based on race with many African American children waiting long periods of time to be adopted. Often white people are denied the right to adopt African American children. This paper will look at interracial adoption and the problems that exist concerning interracial adoptions. Three specific areas will be studied in the literature review: government policy, social services/foster care system, and people who choose to adopt interracial children.
Social workers often believe...
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..... in adoption, still thinks black adoptees should go only to black families.
All the same, I can't help wondering how much racism -- in the form of an inability to see blacks as human in the same way they see themselves -- is at the heart of white couples' decision to adopt overseas.
It may not be the dictionary definition of racism, but it's one more piece of evidence of how, years after the civil rights movement, blacks and whites have failed to engage on that deeply human level that would allow more whites to say, "Yes, I'll take this child into my kitchen. And my heart."
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