The Problem with Education in Canada


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The Problem with Education in Canada
There are several problems with the education in this country which encompass deficiencies within the education system itself and with the surrounding culture. These issues include problems with the comprehensiveness and the quality of the education and moreover, the lack of emphasis and motivation for education by the general culture. As such, this paper will explore and illustrate the aforementioned problems of the education in Canada.
Elementary and secondary education in Canada is very basic, so basic that it borders on being inadequate. Drawing from my own personal experience, for example, in secondary school there was a lack of elective subjects. While public schools...
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.....a Canadian high school and university, there was a shortage of competition between students. Awards and recognition for academic excellence were rarely distributed and even more rarely were awards for extra-curricular and athletic excellence given out. On the other hand in some Eastern schools, students are ranked within their class even at the elementary level. A sense of competition between students may further motivate students to perform better in school. Moreover, there seems to be a lack of importance in pursuing post-secondary education in Canadian secondary schools. Academic counselors for help with choosing courses or applications to university were not readily available or were not adequately advertised, at least in my experience.