The Problem of Capitalistic Investment Growth Model Indicators


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The Problem of Capitalistic Investment Growth Model Indicators
GDP Measurements for Shanghai and Tokyo
This economic study will analyze the current problem with the influence of capitalistic growth model indicators that distort the GDP by focusing less on consumption growth versus that of investment growth percentages in Shanghai. This is also true of the GDP distortions found in Tokyo that focus on foreign investment implications within the urban sector, which does not translate into feasible overall distribution of the growth being depicted through western capitalistic growth models. By observing the problems with these investment-focused measurements of GDP, Shanghai and Tokyo offer unrealistic capitalistic models about overall economic...
The end:
.....P for Shanghai and Tokyo have been analyzed as a problem for gauging more diverse economic activity in Asian urban environments. By understanding Shanghai and Tokyo as major investment centers, the western models proposing economic growth rely on foreign investment monies that provide a majority of distorted measurements on production via national average indicators and of the way that money is distorted for mean household income measurements within the region.
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