The Problem of Air Pollution in China


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The Problem of Air Pollution in China
A case study of a global environmental issue: air pollution in China
What the problem is. The problem in China is simple enough: air pollution levels in that country are extraordinarily high and are blamed (as of 2005) for more than 400,000 premature deaths each year. As it stands, China is the world’s second-largest producer of greenhouse gases and acid rain falls on one-third of its territory (Watts, 2005).
What the root causes of the problem might have been (or are).
The opposing sides of the debate. Many individuals believe that China needs to wean itself off of its dependence upon coal; they insist that coal consumption in China not only releases huge stores of greenhouse gases but also releases...
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.....pressed the ventilation of pollutants; the authors similarly noted that simulated ozone concentrations over a large portion of East China reached all the way down to the Pearl Delta Region in the south. In the estimation of the authors, the concentration of pollutant emissions over the plains of East China makes the area vulnerable to high-ozone exposure; at the same time, the authors conclude that controlling anthropogenic emissions can reduce high-ozone exposure. This study, suffice it to say, focuses more on specific greenhouse gas emissions than on emissions that cause respiratory ailments; nonetheless, because greenhouse gases are a form of pollution, too, this study is a very pertinent one (please see Zhao et al, 2009, pp.1911, 1914).