The Prison Epistles


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The Prison Epistles
Paul spent two years as a prisoner in Rome after going there with Jesus to complete the missionary journey that he had made possible along with his disciples. This paper will further examine Paul’s prison epistles, or “captivity epistles” (Guthrie, 1970, p. 489) in regards to their historical context and Paul’s concern that the various churches were functioning well as both social institutions and as holy places of worship in Jesus’ name. In addition, the role of the Holy Spirit in the church and in that of the people of the church will described, as well as parallels to John 14:15-27 and 16:5-15 in relation to the prison epistles and the role of the Holy Spirit in the church of which Paul wrote extensively.
History of...
The end:
.....e whole concept of the Spirit, as Paul introduces and John elaborated upon in this scripture.
Paul’s prison epistles represent a great body of work where Paul expounds on the Holy Spirit, the faith people must have in Jesus’ resurrection, their ability to manage their own affairs in church, service and humility in church service, as well as his own ability to overcome imprisonment and continue to provide guidance using Jesus’ teachings as well as his own new ideas.
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