The Principal Causes of Damage to Coral Reefs in the Caribbean


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The Principal Causes of Damage to Coral Reefs in the Caribbean
It is clear that there are a number of different key factors which contribute to the depletion of coral reefs within the major oceans of the world. It has been suggested that in the Caribbean, the most significant cause attached to this particular phenomenon is overfishing; because of the fact that this area is both heavily populated and fished, Aronson and Precht (2006) note that herbivores in this area of the world are on the decline, releasing macroalgae to overgrow and kill the corals. While this action is a contributing factor, it is more likely that the overarching causation of damage to coral reefs can be connected to the rise in the world’s climate as a whole. This...
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.....obal community needs to take the process of climate change more seriously, not only for the sustainability of the coral species, but for our own economic sustainability as well.
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