The Presidency of Barack Obama: A New World Order?


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The beginning:
The Presidency of Barack Obama: A New World Order?
Many people around the world hope that the presidency of Barack Obama will begin to repair damage caused by the Bush presidency. With the above in mind, we need to look at the similarities and differences between the foreign policy vision of Obama and that of the Second Bush Administration – as the latter is expressed by former Secretary of State, Condoleeza Rice. The paper will, as noted, compare and contrast the two and will describe the following: what is Dr. Rice’s vision of America’s role in the world? Who are its allies, to her? What challenges does America face? What role should America play in spreading democracy around the globe? Why should it play this role? From there, the paper...
The end:
.....pread its idealism and values around the globe, both she and Mr. Obama agree on the big things. In that sense, the new world order they want is a world order wherein American values and ideals predominate and where the world is safe for America, if not necessarily for everyone else.
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