The Portrayal and Representation of Women in Bollywood Cinema


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The Portrayal and Representation of Women in Bollywood Cinema
There are film industries all over the world, producing lots of films for entertainment’s sake. Still, none have come close to producing gas many films as the Bollywood industry of Mumbai, India. Bollywood produces more than nine hundred feature films during any given year, and Bollywood has gained a reputation for representing stories of India in high energy, color and within singing and dancing. Bollywood is unofficially nicknamed the “dream factory” by those working in its midst, as it is an industry of high drama, fantasy and high production value. Most of these films have similar plots, and capitalize on archetypes similar to American films such as the hero, the heroine,...
The end:
.....d viewers of Bollywood films. Bollywood film viewers must be wary of the confining nature of this production process. Women are viewed as “good” by being traditionalist but also sexy, and “bad” by being more westernized, especially within the film Main Pyar Kiya.
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