The Political Will in Joseph Heller’s “Picture This”


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The Political Will in Joseph Heller's "Picture This"
Joseph Heller’s Picture This is an h novel based on three historic periods and all centering around Rembrandt’s Aristotle Contemplating a Bust of Homer. He uses these three periods to make a social commentary about politics and democracy and asserts that we have not learned from history. One example of his discussion of politics is, “Like all great leaders in democracies proudest of freedom of expression, Pericles was intolerant of written criticism. Had there been a press, he would have excoriated it.” In this paper we will analyze this particular quotation and discuss it in terms of political will.
The free press is a hallmark of a contemporary democracy. The significance...
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.....ey have the right and ability to know about what the government is doing both domestically and internationally. In conjunction with the freedom to protest, the freedom of press lulls the population into a false sense of apathy. It establishes a level of trust of institutions such as the media and subsequently the government. However, there are boundaries for this institution. Journalists are allowed to criticize particular choices made by political leaders in very subtle ways. They can show images and raise questions about the actions of the government, but questioning the system is not legitimate. Thus, the quotation illustrates that a true free press is something that is particularly threatening to leaders and as such cannot be tolerated.