The Political Talk in Margaret Wente’s “Playing Politics with Tragedy”


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The Political Talk in Margaret Wente's "Playing Politics with Tragedy"
Margaret Wente’s “Playing Politics with Tragedy” was published on January 11, 20001 in the Globe and Mail newspaper. The article represents Wente’s opinion on the political talk which took place after Jared Loughner shot Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, her staff, and bystanders at an Arizona shopping mall last week. The article examines the responses to the shooting by both the left and right wing media, but focuses on the way that most political and media representatives have blamed Sarah Palin and the Tea Party for what happened to Giffords at the mall that day.
Wente argues that “blaming the Tea Party for the killing spree is about as useful as blaming the...
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..... political issue, Wente should have addressed the fact that U.S. politics has become very contentious. It is not a strong enough argument to simply state, as Wente does, that politics should not be a factor.
Information has a way of seeping into our consciousness through the media, and the Tea Party’s rhetoric seems to be very popular in the United States at the present time. Loughner’s actions brought attention to the very real possibility that factions in the United States could begin to use weapons against each other. The bottom line is that Wente has no way of knowing that Loughner was not influenced by Sarah Palin and other politicians. Even if he was not a part of a political party, he could have been influenced by society as a whole.