The Political and Cultural Importance of the Arts in American Society


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The Political and Cultural Importance of the Arts in American Society
This study will analyze the importance of the arts in American through the apolitical and cultural analysis. For me, the importance of multimedia in the arts has provided a way for artists too work in a wider variety of mediums than in previous history. The use of television, radio, painting, and other mediums provide a diverse way in which popular culture has become more available to the general public. However, the militarism of American culture often inhibits creativity due to the disproportionate spending moved away from the arts. In relation to this, the popularity of Andy Warhol provides an inspiring example of the multimedia styles of modern art that reflects this...
The end:
.....ial and military might of this country should be more generous to that create. With the works Warhol defining the conflict and tension found in a arts culture based on diversity and freedom, so should the arts become a more important facet of government funding in the future.
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