The Point of View in “The World of Suzie Wong”


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The Point of View in "The World of Suzie Wong"
The following paper is a film review of the 1960 film, “The World of Suzie Wong.” The paper will look at the point of view from which the film is told; what characteristics of Suzie Wong are most emphasized in the film; the manner in which gender relations are crafted in the story; who are the “good” and “bad” people in the film; and the paper will end by looking at what sorts of images are portrayed in the work and why such images might have been advanced. Overall, the film portrays women as beings that are easily commodified; at the same time, it does allow for a Chinese women who is commodified in such a way to carve out a relationship with an American who is not interested in buying her....
The end: really about an American finding a way to make his relationship with the exotic woman in his life work even though there appear to be significant barriers along the way. In any case, the film certainly smacks of the attitudes of its time.
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