The Play “Double Suicide”


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The beginning:
The Play "Double Suicide"
There is little dissimilarity between the plays Double Suicide and Romeo and Juliet. It is obvious that each play extends its own culture and originates from within a distinctly different culture, but that is realistically necessary for every message to be personalized. Also, the circumstances of how the two lovers meet are also very similar; there is no prostitution in Romeo and Juliet, but the feuding between the Capulets and the Montagues does ensure that there is no thorough way in which Romeo could ever rightfully claim Juliet. What is significant about comparing Double Suicide to Romeo and Juliet, with a little Midsummer Night’s Dream mixed in (we will get to that later), is that the theatrical elements used...
The end:
.....ct of behavior ought not be seen as tragic or even a flaw, but that of nature and if seen as had been performed in Double Suicide, perhaps holding worth for life and life’s events further beyond life itself could turn every love story into a happy ending.
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