The Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life


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The Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life
Assignment #3
The Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life’s demographic study of the global Muslim population had three main conclusions, namely that: there are 1.57 billion Muslims globally; 60 percent of the global Muslim population is in Asia; and 10-13 percent of all Muslims are Shia.
The report analyzed Muslim populations within five regions: Asia-Pacific; Middle East-North Africa; Sub-Saharan African; Europe; and the Americas. Turkey (70 million Muslims) and Iran (73 million Muslims) were included in APAC; had they been in MENA, the global distribution would have been somewhat different, with nearly 450 million Muslims in MENA and 830 million in APAC; however, even in this scenario, APAC...
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.....Pew’s estimate of the total Muslim population in the U.S., and of course leaves out converts, immigrants’ children, and black Muslims in the total count. Yet Pew goes on the record as claiming that that the U.S. Census figure has to be adjusted downward because of the likelihood that many immigrants from Muslim-majority countries are not Muslim. Behind these lawyerly phrases are demographic shenanigans. Pew is somehow desirous of undercounting Muslims in the U.S., and has cooked up its methodological defense post hoc to justify what is clearly a pre-existing political decision.
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