The Perspectives of Friedman, Mackey, Rodgers


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Unit 4 – Corporate Social Responsibility Summary
The Perspectives of Friedman, Mackey, Rodgers
Milton Friedman is an economist, professor, and business strategist. His perspective is consistent with these roles in that his view is intellectually driven. In his view the role of business is purely to conduct business, that is, provide jobs, increase earnings for stockholders, and provide a quality product or service (Reason, 2005). While they must live up to their social obligations in terms of non-discrimination, leaving the environment as good as they found it, and other expectations, there is no mandate or business/economic purpose in corporate citizenship. Altruism is an end through which profits are the means; by giving all the profits...
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.....or McDonald’s, but it helps on the scale of our business model. If all businesses, small and large contributed in these same ways, a great shift in social needs would take place and the corporate and business model would value and expect a citizenship component.
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