The “Palestine” Camp and “District 9” Lab


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The beginning:
The “Palestine” Camp and “District 9” Lab
Both the film “District 9” by Neill Blomkamp
and the graphic novel “Palestine” by Joe Sacco deal with social conflict and its continuing problems. While the outsiders in the film are prawn like extraterrestrials, the graphic novel “Palestine” narrates about the ongoing conflict between the Palestinians and the Jews. At first glance, one may not think that a science-fiction film and a journalistic narrative may have much in common but both fundamentally discuss themes of racism and xenophobia and the reliance on multinational corporations or government entities as an enforcement arm. In the film, for instance, a private corporation called Multi-National United, has seemingly taken over the...
The end:
.....e-round casualties in the Gaza Strip, 1,506 were children under 15 and 33 were five years old are younger (Sacco 153).
Ultimately, while the fictitious Multi-National United and the United Nations have differing stated objectives: the former’s being technology adaptation and the latter’s being promoting human rights and peace. However, despite differing stated objectives, both Multi-National United and the United Nations exploit the more unfortunate social group and also fail to intervene to assist in the conflict.
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