The Old Testament: Ruth and her Heirs


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The Old Testament: Ruth and her Heirs
The Old Testament is a book that places a great deal of importance on lines of descent, as its large number of genealogies indicates, including the one that ends the Book of Ruth. It is also a book that is not shy about repeating its lessons more than one time in different forms, as shown by the parallels between the story of Ruth and that of
and Judah in Genesis 38 (
, 1994, pp. 184-185). Are there perhaps reiterations of the lessons of Ruth's story in the books immediately following Ruth, which recount the history of her most illustrious descendant, King David of Israel? I will suggest that there might be echoes of Ruth in two key areas: the importance of maintaining loyalty to superiors...
The end:
.....ractice, the custom of levirate marriage, to get what they wanted, confident that it would meet with Divine approval. In this understanding, Ruth foreshadows what will later be demanded of the Kings of Israel, best manifested by her great-grandson King David, and necessary for the faithful of all ages.
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