The Nursing Process as a Problem-Solving Method


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The Nursing Process as a Problem-Solving Method
This paper explains the use of the nursing process as a problem-solving method by looking at how problems are resolved on an episode of Law and Order. The various prompts are incorporated into the paper below and lead to the conclusion that nursing and crime-fighting are similar in that both require the leverage of different competencies and a constant revision of techniques in light of new evidence and careful evaluation that is always on-going.
The context for the initial encounter of the episode occurs on a New York street at night where a police officer encounters a woman evidently fleeing from a sexual assault (“Law and Order: SVU Season 11, Episode 1,” 2009). From there, the episode...
The end:
..... tapering as the final resolution is found. Since what is needed is a non-linear schema, this writer proposes that the schema be arranged like a loop that starts with the diagnosis and proceeds through all of the various stages again and again insofar as the revision process never ceases until the final resolution is achieved. In this story, as in nursing, such a schema would do a good job of capturing the thought processes by which success is achieved.
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