The Nurse Practitioner Movement in Canada


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The Nurse Practitioner Movement in Canada
Despite the fact that there has been a nurses practitioners’ movement in effect since the dawn of the 1970s, it is now four decades later and nurse practitioners (NPs) are still underpaid, underutilized, and often underappreciated resources within the healthcare field. Some of the information that I found in researching this paper made me rethink for a moment my choices about becoming an NP.
On the positive side, a 2010 article in Vital Signs defines nurse practitioners as “registered nurses (RNs) with enhanced knowledge and skills…[who] integrate elements such as diagnosing and treating health problems and prescribing drugs into their practice” (Lowery, p. 6). These highly-skilled professionals...
The end:
.....are of how politics and policy affect my chosen profession. Even with certain challenges in place I am still committed to becoming an outstanding adult NP.
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