The Newfoundland Fishery: The 1900s Versus Today


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The Newfoundland Fishery: The 1900s Versus Today
This paper compares the Newfoundland Fishery as it stood in the 1900s to today’s Newfoundland Fishery. The paper looks at the tools used by men, women and fish merchants in the 1900s in the Newfoundland Fishery; these tools will then be compared to the tools used today. From there, the paper will look at how men and women and merchants were paid in the Newfoundland fishery in the 1900s versus how they are paid today. The paper shall then look at how life was for those involved in the fishery a few generations ago versus how it is today. And, finally, the paper shall look at the working conditions for workers in the past versus the working conditions workers experience today. In the end, the...
The end:
.....but harder to stay employed and harder to enter the industry than in the past.
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