The New York Real Estate Market


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The beginning:
The New York Real Estate Market
What are the key reasons behind the stability and rise of the housing market in New York City despite the recent recession?
Table of contents
Executive summary 3
Purpose of paper 4
Thesis 4
Theoretical framework 4
Applications of theoretical framework 5
Data sources 5
Analysis of methodology 6
Illustrations of reasons (case studies) 6
Central Park 6
Stuyvesant Park 7
Manhattan 8
Analysis 8
Conclusions 9
Appendices 10
Works Cited 13
Executive summary
The ensuing paper shall, using the sector theory of real estate, argue that certain areas of New York have fared extraordinarily despite the economic downturn because these areas are positioned near the financial mecca of the world and are in prime locations...
The end:
Sheftell, J. (2010, June 4). Central Park: The world’s greatest real estate engine. New York Daily News. Retrieved November 20, 2010 from