The New Mascot


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EN 1006 3.0M
20 March 2011
The New Mascot
In the midst of a seemingly never-ending project at York University to construct a new Student Union building on campus, a fantastic discovery was made last week. While blasting a block of granite to clear space for the building of a foundation for the main structure, a large and deep column of ice was found bearing what seemed to be some prehistoric artefacts. Immediately, the construction company notified the university, which in turn dispatched world renowned expert Dr. Kathryn Denning who was accompanied by graduate students John Beloit and Oscar Smith. With careful and diligent techniques, the team and a cadre of other...
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.....Un is assumed to be a happy member of the university environment and that he has found increasing acceptance in part due to his participation as a new athletic mascot. Yet, there is an underemphasized aspect to this story which remarks on the fallibility of social conventions. La-Un represents the human historical link to antiquity. Yet, he is treated somewhat like a circus freak just because he is so different. The tale thus reveals that human beings are still in their infancy when it comes to treating each other with true respect and dignity.
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