The New Deal and America’s Entry into WWI


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The New Deal and America's Entry into WWI
1. The New Deal was the political platform upon which Democratic candidate Franklin Delano Roosevelt earned the highest office in the United States of America in the 1932 election. Following the Great Depression of 1929, Americans were faced with unemployment, poverty, and little in the way of solutions. Roosevelt promised to create social programs to ensure that American citizens were not impoverished. The New Deal was liberal government in action, with the Government interceding in many areas in which the private sector traditionally thrived. As a result of the remarkable downturn in the United States during the early 1930s, the financial power of the few was unable to compete with the voice of...
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.....xico would join with Germany against the United States, the Mexican government would be given a return of lands it had lost to America in the Mexican-American War. The United States, fearing perhaps a coalition of Mexican German forces on its southern border, as well as German invasion on its eastern seaboard acted quickly to disrupt any form of alliance which could result in defending an extraordinarily large area. Rather than face such a circumstance, in which success was at best dubious, the United States acted by declaring war on Germany. The consequences of the American involvement in World War I forever changed the United States of America. America began to assert itself as watchdog of the Free World, a role it has held for a century.