The Need for Public Broadcasting


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The Need for Public Broadcasting
In Canada we have too types of broadcasting. We have private broadcasting and we have public broadcasting. There has been a growing debate regarding the viability of public broadcasting in Canada. For example, in “The CBC and the Public Interest” Ira
declares, “In public broadcasting, being irrelevant is perhaps an even greater sin than being bad”(Basen,2003,p.152). The vital question at this point is whether the CBC is still a viable alternative to privatively owned media.
In this essay it will be argued that public broadcasting and the CBC in particular provide a viable alternative to privately owned media in Canada. The CBC is viable for two reasons. The first reason is because it creates a sense...
The end:
.....ans. It also ensures that there is always going to be an alternative to corporate broadcasting. This alternative also aids in the creation of a Canadian identity by providing programming that is different then what you are going to see in the United States. For these reasons it can be argued that Canadian public broadcasting is still very relevant.
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