The Need for Human Resources Manager


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The Need for Human Resources Manager
Part A: Every Manager is an HR Manager
The management of human resources is the key to every management job in every organization, regardless of whether there is a human resources department, because of the fact that every company needs to be proactive in addressing the needs and actions of its employees. It is a fallacy to assume that smaller organizations do not require a human resource policy, department or functional unit, because every employee can have an impact on how customers view the company and whether the company will be successful over the long term. In this way, human resource management for small- to medium-sized businesses without human resources departments is likely just as important...
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..... arrangements to separate employee’s taxes and remit these to the Canadian government. They must also deduct and pay the employee’s Canada Pension Plan and Employment Insurance contributions. In addition, they must give the employee notice before terminating their employment, which is governed by provincial legislation, as noted by Dessler et al. (2007). Provincial governments may also determine how many holidays and breaks an employee is entitled to, and what supplies and safety training their workplace provides. WorkSafeBC is a provincial body which provides workers’ compensation to employees who are injured on the job.
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