The Nature of Fragile States


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The Nature of Fragile States
Nationalism as a cogent, political ideology is a relatively recent development. The consequences of European imperialism and colonization throughout the past centuries set in motion a nation-building paradigm which still exists today. However, these political ideologies may actually be detrimental to developing areas of the world, inhibiting growth or miring weak nations in an interminable state of fragility. This paper will examine the reasons behind the existence of fragile states, followed by as summary of possible methods designed to assist such nations.
How do the arguments of Moore and/or Clapham help to explain the reasons for the existence fragile states?
There are a number of possible...
The end:
.....nd combining it with humans rights efforts, security measures, and demilitarization. This is essential to achieving a level of global stability at all levels of the economy and reducing poverty in the hardest hit areas of the world. These are just a few of the available measured designed to help fragile states.
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