The Music of “Saved!”


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The beginning:
The Music of "Saved!"
Saved!, dir. Brian Dannelly
, composer Christophe Beck, music supervisor John
Theatrical Release: 2004
The Music of Saved!
Saved! is a combination comedy and drama film about students who attend a Christian High School. One of the students, Mary, gets pregnant the first time she has sex, and she becomes ostracized from the popular groups in the school because of her actions. The boy she slept with turns out to be gay, and leaves the school because his parents send him to a treatment center. As the popular girls make fun of Mary, she begins to spend time with the other outcasts in the school and eventually learns that it is more important to be yourself and to receive support from good friends than to be like...
The end:, even in its most dramatic and sad parts, which conveyed the overall sense of parody and humor that the film embodies. Another
is that it mixed newly-composed music by Christophe Beck with familiar pop culture songs of the last several years, creating a sense of originality and familiarity at the same time. The ways in which the pop culture songs were used really made the film seem fun and enjoyable, because they were used to create the moods of the most ironic and parodic scenes of the film. Finally, even though the film was very much focused on humor and parody, the new music composed specifically for the film gave it a sense of reality and dramatic emotion that helped the film from becoming too silly or wrapped up in itself.