The Modern State and Globalization


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The beginning:
The Modern State and Globalization
Today many people take the nation state for granted. After all we all live in states and our parents all came from nation states. However, the process of globalization seems to have put the future of the nation state into question.
One argument that has recently been gaining dominance is that the nation state may be destroyed by globalization. This has resulted in statements like: The sovereign state emerged in early modern European politics in close interaction with the broadly simultaneous triumph of markets and capitalism in the economy. It is a paradox, therefore, that it has been recent developments in capitalism that are now precipitating the demise of the sovereign state.
This essay will argue that...
The end:
.....large nation-states.
However, globalization that has resulted from the continued evolution of capitalism and the free-market is threatening the nation-state. Globalization has created entities with economic power that exist outside of the state system. Since they are highly mobile they can go anywhere they want.
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