The Modern Manipulation of Language


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The beginning:
The Modern Manipulation of Language
Lately, a certain type of language has become suspect. Articulate and thoughtful language, previously prized, has now become the enemy of truth and clarity. Now the short, the bare are seen as the most desirable. The proposed essay concerns the controversial trend in the highest level of government toward secrecy and brevity in explanation of its actions and the rise of corporate internet giants, such as Google, in creating this culture of minimalist language.
Both tend toward the reduction of language. For government this is justified through an appeal to clarity and safety. The fewer the words, the theory goes, the greater the reduction of confusion and misunderstanding. Google’s justification is...
The end:
, Gil. “The Dark Country.” The Walrus Jan.-Feb. 2010: 23-28.
The article details the current trend of Canada’s Federal Government in becoming more secretive in regard to sensitive information. It states that Stephen Harper “has built a pervasive government apparatus whose sole purpose is to strangle the flow of public information” (
25). What is only hinted in the article, and not explored, is how the government is doing this through its manipulation of language. Harper, “Mr. Transparency” (
25), has created a public persona that associates brevity in press releases and official statements with truth. The article shows that the case is exactly opposite, less often hides more.