The Military and the Symphony as Living Systems


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The Military and the Symphony as Living Systems
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September 14, 2010
The Military and the Symphony as Living Systems
The military and the symphony are vastly different entities which have surprising commonalities as living systems. One aspect in which they are similar is group dynamics. Group dynamics is always comprised of individuals working and living together. In the military and symphonies, groups are working together on specific tasks within the realm of their respective endeavors.
Positive interdependence is vital in helping the members of the military or symphonies to achieve mutual goals. Members have no choice but to depend on each other in the course of their endeavors due to the need to...
The end: autonomy helps to elicit strong decisions.
The decisions are made in a group format based on certain amounts of confidence. This confidence is ultimately the key component that any individual must build with members of a group to create concurrence regarding decisions. Workplace and living systems depend on this decision making as a primary component of functioning.
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