“The Metamorphosis” Research Paper


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The Metamorphosis Research Paper
In Kafka’s Metamorphosis, the central character Gregor is a young man who awakens one morning to discover he has been transformed into some kind of bug, ostensibly a beetle or a coach roach. Although this story is generally interpreted to be symbolic of psychological alienation and existential crisis, this paper is intended to evaluate how Gregor’s symptoms, both physical and psychological, compare to those of persons with some form of a physical disease. The disease used in the paper for purposes of comparison with Gregor’s condition is relatively unknown in the United States, due to its uncommonness. It is called Lymphatic Filariasis, and is transmitted by a mosquito bite during which worms are implanted...
The end:
.....ilariasis, “people may even experience exclusion from society as a result of stigma” (“Lymphatic Filariasis”). Although The Metamorphosis was written, according to general review, to be a metaphorical reading of man’s chronic state of alienation in the modern society, diseases like Lymphatic Filariasis demonstrate how the process also works in reverse, whereby the metaphor of bodily disfigurement, in a very real form, is the precursor to a state of social isolation.
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