The Melting Pot or the Salad Bowl


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The Melting Pot or the Salad Bowl
From the inception of our country, The United States of America has been a haven for immigrants from around the world. In fact, the vast majority of people in this country originally came from somewhere else. The first non-native inhabitants were from England, followed by immigrants from Ireland, Germany, Japan, Russia, and Latin America. Historically, how did these people adjust to life in their new country? How do immigrants adjust in this country now? Do they maintain their old ways or do they adapt to their new environment? Two popular metaphors exist to describe what occurs when people move to this country: the melting pot and the salad bowl. In more academic terms, these two theories are referred to...
The end:
.....ople that they encounter will only serve to make a more interesting and diverse community, a colorful and delicious “salad”.
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