The Medici Family’s Influence on the Italian Renaissance


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The Medici Family's Influence on the Italian Renaissance
The Medici family was one of the most well-known and influential of the great Italian houses of the Renaissance, and left its mark on the politics, economics and art of the period in ways that are still able to be seen today. In this paper we will briefly review several of the Medici family's most important representatives and the impact they had upon the Renaissance in Italy.
The family's roots can be found in the Tuscan countryside as early as the twelfth century, although records become difficult to verify the earlier we attempt to go back (
27). The family's true founder, the earliest individual for whom we have substantial records, is Giovanni (1360-1429). He was known...
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.....ignificant and long-lasting, as the Medici helped lay the groundwork for a world-class period of art, culture, and architecture with the help of their massive wealth created by their mercantile and banking activities. They would eventually rule over Tuscany until 1737, but the true golden age of Medici rule was the fifteenth century and represented the height of the Renaissance in Italy.
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