The Medical Microchip: High Tech or High Track?


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The Medical Microchip: High Tech or High Track?
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The Medical Microchip: High Tech or High Track?
When Mrs. Smith’s small dog wandered off, she became frantic. Not only was the pup her pet, it was her constant companion. Within two hours Mrs. Smith found her dog. The local animal shelter found him, scanned him for a microchip, and, having found one implanted in the animal, was able to retrieve Mrs. Smith’s information and return the dog to her. Now, imagine Mrs. Smith’s Alzheimer’s-afflicted husband has wandered off. He, too, has an implanted microchip, and when the police found him and took him to the local hospital, the nurse scanned him, found Mr. Smith’s information, and returned him to...
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.....l choice, not a mandatory one. Just as with most technology, it is not the application that is worrisome, it is the people who would abuse it.
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