The Median Nerve: Detecting Damage before Symptoms Appear


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The Median Nerve: Detecting Damage Before Symptoms Appear
The median nerve provides sensory and motor
to the forearm muscles, part of the
surface of the hand, the
surface of the thumb, the
and distal dorsal surfaces of the index and middle fingers, and the radial part of the ring finger (Waldman, 2009). It is composed of fibers from the C6, C7, C8, T1 and sometimes C5 spinal roots on the brachial plexus (McNamara, 2003). C6 and C7 are sensory while C8 and T1 are motor (
, 2009; Waldman, 2009). It runs down the upper arm together with the brachial artery, but does not begin to branch significantly until it reaches the forearm establishing a number of connections with the forearm flexor...
The end:
..... the problem behaviors and thus delay the onset of disease. Such pre-symptomatic testing might also serve to flag persons who because of unusual sensitivity should not be working full-time in occupations that place a peculiarly intense strain on the median nerve.
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