The Marketing Environment of Mattel Toy Company, Inc.


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The Marketing Environment of Mattel Toy Company, Inc.
This paper will address several components that make up the marketing mix for Mattel, Inc. First, the distribution channels within Mattel, Inc., including the logistics strategy involved in getting products delivered to retail, wholesale and individual consumers (direct). Then, promotional aspects will be discussed as well as pricing strategies and tactics. Issues related to competitive advantage in each of these areas will be analyzed.
Mattel’s logistics and distribution network consists of a tightly managed and regulated global footprint of headquarter and satellite offices, distribution centers, different varieties of factories (for example...
The end:
.....fferent demographics will become more of a challenge. For this reason, Mattel may need to pay closer attention to utilizing price as a source of competitive advantage. However for now, it is not a source of its competitive advantage. Mattel’s competitive advantage is based on a number of other factors.
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