The Man, his Work, as well as the Recent Troubles of Robert Munsch


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The beginning:
The Man, his Work, as well as the Recent Troubles of Robert Munsch
Robert Munsch is a Canadian (although US born) best-selling author of fifty-four children’s books up to date. He is known to generations of children in Canada, and one of his books, Love You Forever, is the 4th best selling children’s book ever. This much loved and unconventional author has recently shocked his fans and created a controversy when he admitted to substance abuse and mental illness. Yet, his work, both as a writer and a “story teller” is undeniably an important and valuable addition to children’s literature. This presentation will discuss the man, his work (focusing on two of his books in particular), as well as the recent troubles.
According to his official...
The end:
.....Paperback Princess and Love You Forever. It remains to be seen what impact, if any, his recent revelations will have on the popularity of his books.
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