The Major Characteristics of the James Bay Project


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The Major Characteristics of the James Bay Project
This paper discusses the major characteristics of the James Bay project. Amongst other things, the ensuing several pages will look at the impact of the project upon the local economy, upon the local society, and upon the local environment. What we appear to have here is a project that is staggering in its size and cost – and also debilitating to the local environment, society and economy. Put bluntly, huge tracts of land have been flooded to realize what stands currently, aboriginal economies that rest upon fishing and hunting have been upset, and the land that has been a mainstay of the local culture has, in many instances, been flooded under. The project is a huge advancement for...
The end:
.....therwise – located in the cross-hairs of the huge enterprise has surely seen land and businesses swallowed up as huge amounts of water and land were diverted for the use of one of the world’s most stunning hydro-electric projects. When all is said and done, we have to wonder aloud whether or not the project will ever be truly ‘worth it;’ the sense at this time is that the final answer will not be a positive one that Hydro-Quebec will wish to hear.
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