The Magic of Carlos Santana


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The beginning:
The Magic of Carlos Santana
Carlos Santana has been a major contributor to contemporary music, particularly in the genre of rock music. However, his path was certainly not easy. On recalling his early years in the music industry, Santana "remembered 'being slapped hard' by the abundance of drugs, sex, and other self-destructive perks of the rock-and-roll game" (Shapiro 8). There is little question that his music has been influenced by his drug experiences. At the same time, his use of drugs to aid him in composing and playing music has been exquisite. Songs like “Black Magic Woman” remain haunting, ethereal psychedelic tunes with overlaying rhythms and harmonies which involve a wide variety of genres, theoretical music approaches, and...
The end:
.....on long after he has departed as his influence has changed the music world forever. Santana is a pioneering example of the interconnected world of the future and his legacy continues to be forged.
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