The “Machine” Society and the “Brave” Society: A Polycelerion’s View


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The beginning:
The “Machine” Society and the “Brave” Society: A Polycelerion’s View
From my point of view as a Polycelerion, a time-traveler from earth circa 3500 C.E., the two societies described in “The Machine Stops” and Brave New World are of the Zed-Betastandard: innovative but foolish societies that destroy individuality and character because of their disregard for the physical, intellectual, and spiritual welfare of all beings. Specifically, due to the isolation of the individual (the Machine” society), or the overwhelming promiscuity (the “Brave” society), these societies dominate and manipulate the population by discouraging intimacy and moral values; both societies are unnatural. In the time of the Polyceleria, the mother brings up and...
The end:
.....he conditioning in place of human love and guidance, human beings have lost the power to act or interact and alter the environment for the better. Maternal love promotes a healthy life, and the mothers who are misled in the “Machine” and “Brave” societies show us how earth people violated the fundamental Polycelerian rule that has allowed us to prosper: Do for your children, and for all children, as wise time travelers asked their parents to do for them. Without intimacy and guidance from other humans, mankind cannot survive.
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